Wapiti Sightings; Sydney, Australia

Hopefully this will be the first of many Wapiti Sightings.

If you didn’t know already, a Wapiti, is a large North American deer (sometimes called an elk). Because it’s one of the largest mammals in North America and also not often viewed outside of the Rocky Mountains, or parts of Canada, we’re pretty sure if you saw one you’d want to tell a few people. So with that in mind the Wapiti RFC decided if we spotted news about current, or former Wapiti players & coaches outside of the club we’d share it in a special post we call “Wapiti Sightings”. 



Wapiti Sightings: Sydney Australia, Former Wapiti U-7 coach Mark Cashion & his sons

Mark, was a Wapiti U-7 coach for the previous two years, before he and his family moved to Australia. His boys currently play for the Lane Cove Junior Rugby Union Club and Wallabies duo Israel Folau and Benn Robinson came to their practice and ran the team though a few drills. The highlight was playing a game of touch – dads and Izzy versus the boys.  Where Mark said “the dads were more excited than the kids!”.

If you look closely, in the first photo, you’ll see Mark’s son Lachlan, getting his Chicago Wapiti rugby ball signed by the Wallabies duo .

Mark sent us these pictures and said in an email “The boys are loving their rugby here, so thanks again for helping make sure they had that connection to the sport while we were in the US.  I hope all is going well with the program”.

Chicago Wapiti Rugby Football Club

If you know of any current, or former Wapiti players, or coaches doing anything rugby related (playing in high school, winning awards, joining a men’s club, starting a youth club in a new town, etc.) let us know via our contact page.