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Why Rugby?  To borrow the words of the International Rugby Board when they presented their case to include Rugby as an Olympic Sport in the 2016 games as well as the Pan American Games in 2011 – “Rugby has a long-standing ethos of fair play and friendship.” It is a free-flowing game designed for players of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities. It involves many elements that kids love such as running, passing, catching, and kicking while engaging them in decision-making and supporting teammates. Rugby has a unique spirit as a team sport which stresses agility, camaraderie, courage, grace under pressure, respect and sportsmanship. As the newest addition to the Olympic Games, the popularity of rugby is sure to grow.

Currently Wapiti is one of the only youth rugby programs available within the City of Chicago for the age group of 4 to 14 year old boys and girls.  Our program has been underway since the Fall of 2011. Please visit the Fundraising page to provide your financial support…

The idea for our Youth Development Rugby Program began in late 2009 when a group of fathers independently began searching out a way to bring their sons and daughters to the game of rugby. In realizing that there were no existing youth rugby programs in the City of Chicago, we began discussions on how to bring the game to our own sons and daughters. Starting a club with a dozen kids was not the answer as there would be no teams nearby to play. The natural evolution of the idea soon became to create an organization that could potentially have eight teams and close to one hundred participants so the kids could learn the game and play it in their own neighborhoods in a fun and safe environment.

When Rugby is introduced in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, we would be very proud to be part of a five-year old program that has boys and girls as old as 16 years old playing who have the necessary skills to dream of playing for in the 2020 Olympic Games and to be able to help make that a reality.

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