Mountain Dew’s Plus 3 Network Donating Cash To USA Rugby

If you are a rugby player, or parent of a player, or just an everyday fan of the sport in America, you know you have to be on constant cheerleading duty for the game. Which is why it would be awesome if you could just do the things you do everyday and raise money for USA Rugby.

Do you drink five glasses of water a day?
Brush Your Teeth?
Run a few Miles?

Well if you do you could have raised 20¢, 30¢, even 75 cents for USA Rugby and helped support the Eagles. The USA Rugby Trust has teamed up with Mountain Dew through the Plus 3 Network and made supporting the team easy & fun.

Just follow this link below and make sure your profile is linked to USA Rugby Trust and you will have already donated about 30 cents.

Each activity has a number of “Kudos points” you get and each point is worth a penny. Brush your teeth, 3 cents is donated. Run a trail for 30 minutes, 55cents is donated. Be sure to log activities like running & biking as they tend to earn the most Kudos. You can even use an iOS, Android, or Garmin device to track & log workouts directly.

So far this year the USA Rugby Trust has earned almost $1,500 from the short time they have been involved. They also have a giveaway each month. Last month’s winner received a signed Men’s National Team Jersey.


About the Author Vincent Johnson

Father, Husband, photojournalist as well as rugby coach & player. Living in the great city of Chicago.

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