Lots To Do At Practice This Weekend

Wapiti rugby football club cookout

Take a knee players, coaches and parents. It’s been a great season for Wapiti Rugby and to celebrate our last full session (rookie rugby through tackle) we’ve got several things planned, including an earlier start time of 1pm.

Practice on this last full Sunday of our season (June 15th) will start at 1pm and go till 3pm and what better a way to spend Father’s Day than playing rugby and having a cookout in the park.

Please, check with your coaches to make doubly sure before thinking this is your last Wapiti event this season. There are some tackle sides & 7’s events on the Wapiti calendar this summer.

Cookout In the Park

After practice is over all parents & players are invited to join in the cookout.

Want to help out? We can always use these things.

  1. Coolers of ice
  2. tables
  3. tents

Wapiti Photo Day Part II

Did your child miss photo day last weekend, or did they forget their jersey? Have no fear. U-7 coach (and photographer) Vincent Johnson, will be back taking photos again. You can view photos from last week here, but make sure to check your email in box for details, as the gallery is password protected.  He’s even designed a special faux magazine cover so you can add your own child’s photo.

rugby magazine cover


Parents vs. Kids Match

Parents, don’t eat to much, as it wouldn’t be a Wapiti season ending cookout without a scrimmage between the parents & players.


Three cheers for everyone who has given their support to the club & its players this season.

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!


About the Author Vincent Johnson

Father, Husband, photojournalist as well as rugby coach & player. Living in the great city of Chicago.

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