Welcome to the 2013 Wapiti Rugby Football Club

By way of introduction, I am Coach Hays, father to three Wapiti, Wapiti RFC board vice president, and head coach of this year’s inaugural tackle program. I will have several coaches assisting me, including Coach Palmer, a former USA Rugby Super League and Midwest Select Side player and Wapiti coach of our first two seasons, Coach Wilcox, new to Wapiti but with collegiate and women’s club rugby coaching experience, and Coach Daley, a current USA Eagle and North Shore Women’s RFC player and collegiate coach. Our objective is to have your player fall in love with rugby and have fun, while teaching them the game in a safe environment.
Important Information:
  • Parent’s Meeting was Monday, March 11, 7:30 PM inside Revere Park, 2509 West Irving Park Rd.. Here is what was presented: Parent’s Meeting
  • Practices will be Fridays from 4:30-6:30 PM and Sundays 2:00-4:00 at 600 West Montrose Drive (Montrose and Simonds near the beach house) beginning March 15. Please let me know if your player cannot make these practices, as we will only have eight practices before our first game. Depending on the availability of the other coaches, we may have an additional practice either Tuesday or Wednesday in the same location.
  • Players will need:
    • Mouthguards formed to their mouths
    • Water
    • To dress for the weather (in layers!)
    • Cleats (soccer, not baseball or football, which have a cleat at the toe which is not allowed) or running shoes
    • To be prepared for contact. We will work on this extensively leading up to our first match, as for some of our athletes, this will be their first contact sport experience
  • Matches:
    • The calendar is on the Wapiti web page. There is a Google calendar that you can add to your calendar or to Outlook (HTMLICAL, XML) which has the dates and locations for the season, but not the times, yet.
    • Middle School rugby (7/8 and 5/6 grade) is played in Festival Format. This means that this year Wapiti will travel for all of our games, and next year, unless they change the format, we will only host one day.
    • The festival format allows all teams to converge on a given host field with their team, even if they have insufficient players for a full side. They would merge with or borrow excess players from another side in order to fill out a side (which is also why we do not know times, yet).
    • Matches are 15 a side rugby, not the 7s Wapiti players have been experiencing our first two seasons. Matches will consist of two 25 min halves, with free substitutions.
    • Wapiti are looking into the possibility of getting a charter bus service to pick up and drop off all of our players at Revere Park. This would allow us to travel as a team, be less of a burden for our parents, and be an opportunity for our players to engage the rest of the non contact players back at Revere Sunday afternoon upon returning from the festival.
  • We could use more players. If you know of any of your kid’s friends that might like to give rugby a try, send them our way.
  • Finally, if there is anything we are missing, any information you are seeking on the web site that isn’t here, please let us know. Thank you.
Thank you for your questions last Monday. Any additional questions you may have you may either send to me directly or reach out to any other officer or coach.
In Rugby,
Coach Hays

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