One Week Until Annual Ruck N Gobble

The 5th annual Thanksgiving Day Ruck N Gobble event hosted by the Gilbert family is now just one week away! Event kicks off at 10:00 and has moved from the lakefront this year to the turf field at Richard Clark Park next to Lane Tech in Chicago. Hope to see everyone there to work up a healthy appetite!2015 Ruck N Gobble

Details are at

Watch Australia vs Argentina with Wapiti RFC!

Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals 2015

Congratulations to the four teams who have advanced to the semi-finals! Join us at the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club on Sunday, October 25 to watch the match between Australia and Argentina. We will begin at 9:30 with a replay of the Pool B Scotland vs Samoa match from 10/10. There will be a presentation to parents, coaches, and school representatives at approximately 10:15 and 11:45.

Free! Please click on the link above to send a flyer to your friends and school administrators, PTO, and friends of groups. See you on Sunday!

CCYC 601 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613

Wapiti on Facebook: Which is right for you?


Hello Wapiti friends, family, players & coaches.

One of the most frequent confusions people have had about Wapiti RFC on Facebook is just “where should I like or join?”.  Since we do have both a “Facebook group” & “Facebook page” this question can be answered really easily by asking yourself what your connection to the team is.

First, if you are interested in the team in anyway, parent, player, former player, relative of a player, a fan of youth rugby, or you are human. Well you should like our Facebook page (click here).

Second, if you are a parent of a current player, coach, administrator, or you help out with the club in some form, you should ask to join the Facebook group (click here). If you are not one of the people in the above mentioned group, chances are your request to join will be declined, so please just like our Facebook page as that’s where we share all the info about the team.

Essentially  the group is there to discuss plans for things like bus schedules, team needs and general questions parents & coaches may have, so in the interest of our kids safety we try to limit who is in that group. Believe us, it’s not some fun place where old boys share secret rugby stories.

Please note that we do have a mailing list which will include a lot of our goings on.

However, if you believe you should be in the Facebook group, but were rejected, or haven’t been approved, please email with your child’s name, and ask for it to be forwarded to coach Vincent Johnson.

Thank you and we look forward to see you at our fall clinics and spring season.

Final Wapiti Weekend!

Here we are; our last weekend of Wapiti Rugby and our traditional Father’s Day cookout and kids vs parents run abouts. All Wapiti players and alumni are invited to join us this Sunday, 6/21, at Revere Park from 1:00-2:30 for food, beverage, and, most importantly, Rugby! This final weekend of our spring season is for us all, Rookie Rugby through High School, to get together for a fun afternoon.

This is also a good opportunity to drag your friends, to whom you have been bragging about rugby all season long, to come out and join us to whet their appetite for next season. For those of you who have graduated from our program – come on back and have a run this afternoon. It will be good to see you again.